Weekend Reset

You know those times when you’re a little scattered, a little anxious, the house needs some attention and your hormones are making you act like a mean bitch? Tim kept giving me side eye because I was being horrible (Fucking peri! It’ll be the end of me!) and I found feel myself getting swept up in the covid nonsense (again!). I decided to press reset on myself. What does a reset look like for me you ask? We’ll let me tell/show you!

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New Year Energy

It’s no secret I am a BIG fan of the start of a new year, in fact, I love the start of most things. I love starting a new project, a new book, a new list! I am much more a starter than a finisher. I often lose interest part way through or I push to finish things only to be underwhelmed by the end of it with my eyes already on the next thing nI’m not sure why I love beginnings or what it says about me, all I know is my enthusiasm at the start of the year is always high.

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Holiday Chat

Mine and Tim’s summer holiday is coming to a close. I won’t lie, I’m pretty bummed to be going back to work, mainly because it’s still elevenity billion degrees here in Perth but also it means my kids have to go to vacation care and they don’t love it. Sigh. But one good thing about going to work is a little routine can creep back into my day. I love letting loose over holidays but I am not my best self without routine, structure & boundaries.

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Breakdowns. Emotional Eating. Rage. Oh My!

As the year comes to an end I always look back to see what’s changed, what worked & whether or not I’m in a better or worse space than I was at the start of the year. What was looking to be a super shitty year mental health wise has actually turned out ok. And I have myself to thank for that. Yes I’ve had help along the way but I’m the one doing the work. It’s hard & feels uncomfortable at times but the end result are worth it. Well, I’m guessing they’ll be worth it, the hard work ain’t finished yet!

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I don’t know if you know this about me but I am quite obsessed with the weather. I think it started when I moved to WA & the weather was so different to what I was used to after moving from a beachside town on the east coast (Forster for those of you who are curious) to the foothills of Perth. Winters are properly cold & summer feels like it lasts for 5 months. It usually doesn’t rain at all during summer & temps over 40 are really common. By the end of January I’m am sick of the blinding endless blue sky. It takes some getting used to, I think it took me about 10 years before I stopped asking to move back east each & every summer. I still whinge about the heat, how brown everything is & the heat but maybe a little less than I used to.

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