Some Things To Do While Sitting On The Couch. Or Lying In Bed.


I actually started writing this post in my head weeks ago after I started spending more time on the couch in the evening & on the weekend crocheting but now that we are living in this strange & bonkers world I thought I should put fingers to keyboard & get it out of my head! So here we go, hopefully some of these things might be helpful to you during this time of being inside our houses a lot more than we are used to….

I am not the biggest TV watcher, I usually stick to the ABC & cooking shows. Yes, I am 72. These are some things I have been watching and really liked-

Ronny Cheing’s new comedy special on Netflix. It is laugh out loud funny. So good! Just what we all need right now.

Cheer. I watched this when it first landed on Netflix & it’s addictive.It’s about a cheer squad & my god, these people are fit AF! Also, super brave. The shit they do is scary. I even got my husband watching it after the second ep.

F1 Drive to Survive. Hear me out on this. I have NEVER watched an F1 race in my life. My husband watches it & I know who Daniel Ricciardo is because my husband used to work for his dad but that’s it. When Tim sat down to watch the second series he said ” It’s really good, not what you think so give it a go.” So I did & I was hooked! It’s really interesting & goes behind the scenes with the drivers, the teams & what goes into all their decision making. It’s tense & hardass but I loved it.

The Good Place. I have had people tell me to watch this for a long time but I was all ” nah I watched the first ep when it came out. It’s not for me.’ Turns out it IS for me! I don’t love it hard but I like it enough to have gotten through almost 3 seasons in a week & to be staying up longer than I should crocheting & watching. It’s a good distraction.

Other things you can do beside watch TV are-

Make lots of new playlist on Spotify. I am enjoying making playlists for the morning ( calm & chill), playlists for when I need to feel energised (songs I can shake my ass to), songs to play at dinner time ( songs we all like), playlists of songs from my youth ( there’s a lot of 90’s grunge in there), playlist filled with songs my little kids like (rubbish songs but it keeps them happy in the car) and playlist filled with songs that are not my usual thing but I love anyway ( think a certain T Swift song & another by 1 direction. Not embarrassed). Do it. It’s fun.

Crochet! Many years ago I learnt to crochet by watching these videos & now I love to crochet even though I am still not very good at it. Currently I am crocheting three different blankets for three different people. I like having busy hands & the repetitive nature of crochet is very calming. In the end you have something pretty too so that good. Check out this blog for crochet ideas.

Listen to audiobooks. I know, I know. It might seem weird to just sit & listen but it’s really nice & relaxing. I use Borrowbox for all my audiobooks. Some that I’ve really loved over the years are The Trauma Cleaner (amazing story), Any Ordinary Day ( so life affirming), Eggshell Skull ( I didn’t expect to like this so much but I did!) & finally, Everything I know About Love ( had no idea who Dolly Alderton was before this book then promptly fell in love with her).

Listen to podcasts. I get through a lot of pods a week. Some are fun, some are informative & others just let me get to know people better. Here’s my top picks for you-

Judith Lucy’s Overwhelmed and Dying. I love Jude & everything she does so won’t hear a bad word about her. She is my kind of lady & this podcast is brilliant!

The Signal. Before Covid took over our lives this pod would do a show a day about something in the news we should know more about. I like the people who make it, it’s interesting & informative. Lately it’s all C-19 stuff, which is still useful, & has moved to 3 times a week as the presenters are self isolating.

Chat10Looks3. An oldie but still a goodie. I am massive fans of Leigh & Annabell so I thoroughly enjoy their schtick & I’m always interested in the things people read, watch & listen to.

Spilled Milk. This is a comedy podcast about food hosted by two gen X that live in Seattle. They are the best. Hilarious & fun to listen to plus you get recipe links in the show notes!

And finally, this might not be everyone’s idea of fun & relaxation but I really like writing lists & find it endlessly calming. Write a list of what’s in your kitchen & then write a list of all the meals you can cook! Or write a list of things you’d like to get done around the house now that we can’t leave it. A list of things to watch or read. Or do as I have been doing & each day write a list of 3 things that have made you happy/grateful/positive. I am finding it VERY helpful.

If all else fails, look at your phone. This is not something I would normally recommend but I am finding instagram a nice little place to escape into & connect with people in the last few weeks. I’m posting more stories & photos because the need to connect, be seen & to reach out is big. It’s been very helpful. As has sending lots of texts to friends & family. Chatting by whatever means possible is good for us.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay home ( if, & when,you can) Big love friends. Oh, & if you’ve got any recs for me pop them in the comments below. I love hearing from you πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Some Things To Do While Sitting On The Couch. Or Lying In Bed.

  1. Hello lovely Reannon. What a cheerful list! I have been meaning to listen to Judith Lucy’s podcast, something for this week…when the kids aren’t yelling at each other or spilling stuff on the floor or asking for food?! I agree, Instagram has been a really important connection recently. I always love connecting with bread baking peeps but right now I am feeling a very strong Insta baking connection. This is probably a silly question but do you listen to the audio books through your phone? I need to investigate this. Take care…onwards to another week of isolation. x


    1. Listen to Jude! It’s great for a laugh & a think! I’m liking insta more right now because we are all doing the same things, going through the same feelings & people are being so helpful! And yes, I listen to my books in my phone. But my littlies also have BorrowBox on their iPads so they can listen to audiobooks at bed time when they are too restless after story time (which more often than not. A million eye roll emojis HERE!). BorrowBox is a lifesaver, especially now that libraries have closed. Sob.
      Take care Jane. And as always, thanks for reading xx


  2. Kylie says:

    Hello Reannon,
    check out It’s fascinating!
    I love Judith Lucy too – she cracks me up!
    I’ve just discovered your blog and I really like the way you write – I wish more people would write blogs I miss reading a good blog – instagram doesn’t cut it as far as I’m concerned πŸ™‚


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