The Basics #1

Hello friends! If you know me from Instagram you’ll know that I’m not sharing over there right now but here’s the thing, I love talking about stuff I like so here I am ready to talk about all that stuff, the stuff I am calling the basics! I don’t know how often I’ll share the basics, hell, knowing me this could be a one-off because one thing I know about myself is that I bloody love starting things but hate following them through but let’s hope it’s semi regularly. For now, let’s just begin…..

COOK: This delicious noodle dish I made it without prawns ( I don’t eat seafood) & added mushrooms instead along with a few handfuls of baby spinach. I’ll be honest, it tasted better the next day which was great because I took it for lunch the next two days. Would make again.

EAT: Donuts. I have eaten 3 donuts this week & I regret NOTHING! I am very partial to a Krispy Kreme so every time I fill up my car I buy one but we also have a donut shop that is near my church, aka Chemist warehouse, that makes super great donuts so I’ve bought two from there this week. Shout out to Puffin Donuts! I like a yeasted donut with regular or strawberry glaze. I think I like donuts better than cake now. I wish I had a donut now…..

READ: Y’all know I love to read right so it would come as no surprise that I have MANY books to recommend but I am going to try & keep it to one in-hand book & one audio book each time. I have been on a roll with books lately & my god I feel lucky to be a person who loves to read. They are my first my love. I want you to read The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy (also published as Migrations). This book SLAYED me. I am not lying when I say this book hit me in the heart so hard. Franny’s sadness & the world she inhabits is heavy but please don’t let that put you off the book because it is beautiful. And for my audio rec please listen to The Midnight Library by Matt Haig & narrated by Carey Mulligan. This is a book of fiction but it has made me look at my own life so differently. I loved it so much & sat up after everyone went to bed so I could finish listening while crocheting. Super big call but I’d say this is one of my favourite books of all time! I listen to all my audiobooks on Borrowbox which is a free app & you use your library card to borrow audio & e-books. It is the best, get on it!

WATCH: Look, I will be honest with you & say that I spent 2 days last week watching the Netflix show Sex/Life. It’s the kind of show that is so bad it’s good but only if you like soft core porn (think 50 shades of grey). What I liked about it was that it portrayed a woman, a MUM, who likes sex & it was the male who was “too tired” & not into sex. I don’t think we see that very often so despite the bonkers storyline & bad dialogue I still liked it & spent all of last week texting with my neighbour about it. Having things to chat about during our lockdown that made us laugh & muse is a good thing isn’t it? Even if it’s trashy?! But if a monster penis & copious amounts of boob aren’t your thing then I recommend Starstruck. This is a JOY to watch & a great way to spend some time on the couch. Rose Matefeo is brilliant & funny as Jessie & I have my fingers crossed there will be a season two. HIGH recommend on this

LISTEN: I have a new music love & his name is Tyne-James Organ. I have been listening to him A LOT. My fave song of his is Heal You. It is beeeeeeeautiful & makes me want to cry in a really good way. His voice & lyrics in this song smacks me in the heart. He makes the kind of music you can have a good cry to but also dance to which is pretty perfect if you ask me. Some of his songs remind me of Gang of Youths so if you like that sound you’d probably be in to this too. Check him out on Spotify or wherever you listen to your music.

PONDERING: The way the weather affects my state of mind. I am originally from the east coast & lived near the water for a huge chunk of my life so Summer was always my jam. But then I moved to Perth, home of the long, dry Summer & suddenly I became a Winter person. It has always felt like a respite but since last winter I’ve noticed my mood dips in at this time of year. I think it’s because I spend a lot of time outdoors for work & working in the cold, wet & windy days of winter is just not fun. But even when I’m home I feel like the relentless grey skies are bringing me down. So I am trying to be aware of this & chase the light. If the sun shines I get outdoors. I light candles when I’m home & if I can I choose a spot in the house to read or craft or write in that gets the most light. I have been campaigning to get a fireplace installed for YEARS, not only for the warmth but because I think it will add another level of light to dark days. Tim FINALLY said yes so I got a few quotes only to be told there are wait times of around 6 weeks. Bummer. We’ve decided to hold off but already I feel excited to have that to look forward to next winter. When I’m a work & the weather is horrible I try to tell myself how good it is for the gardens or to revell in every rainbow or to remind myself how lucky I am to be going home to a warm & cosy home. I never thought I’d be a person who struggles with seasonal affect disorder but I really think I do.

BUY: No surprise that I am going to tell you to buys something for your skin! When heard about a cream from Aldi that is supposed to be great for wrinkly chests & crepey necks I got there as soon as I could. I have DEEP chest lines & my neck is heading south & while I have accepted that this is my lot in life if I can minimise them then I will try. This serum is pretty bloody good & it is $10!!!! Yes, it has a distinctive “old lady” smell to it that I hate but I can say that the depth & severity of my chest wrinkles is MUCH better since I started using this. They are here to stay but are not as noticeable so I’ll be repurchasing for sure.

DO: Keep notebooks in your bag & write down your thoughts. I’ve been doing this for the last few weeks. Sometimes it’s a sentence & sometimes it’s more but each time I put a thought into writing I feel better for it. I thought about sharing those words here but I think I’ll keep them just for me. By not sharing every thought I have I am trying to re-teach myself to sit with stuff for a little longer & to listen to myself a little more. I still think thoughts are better out than in but out on paper is working better for me than sharing on the gram right now.

And that’s it friends. Sorry that I have no photos to share but I just don’t have any!

Till next time xx

2 thoughts on “The Basics #1

  1. Claire Garrett says:

    So lovely to see you pop up here and share your thoughts. I’ve missed you on insta. And I’m off to check out Starstruck (set in my neighbourhood!) and The Last Migration. Agree that the Matt Haig was fab, though am wishing that I’d listened to it as I’m a big fan of Carey Mulligan. Just finished Blonde Roots by Berndaine Evaristo and would super recommend – it’s a book about slavery but turns it on its head Noughts and Crosses style. It’s staying with me. Look after yourself! Claire x


    1. Claire! Hi!!

      Do you know what? I think you could listen to the midnight library & enjoy it all over again. It’s a quick listen, I think about 8hrs, & Carey does such a brilliant job. I tried to buy the book yesterday but couldn’t find it anywhere because I loved it so much I want to read it myself.

      I’ll check out those books you mentioned. I tried listening to Girl, Woman, other on audio but just couldn’t get my head around it.

      Take care xx


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