The Basics #2

I wasn’t sure if I’d be back so soon & part of me wanted to delete last weeks post & pretend it never happened. Why I hear you ask? I’ll be totally honest & it’s not pretty- when I write here or share on Instagram I want interaction. I want people to read, like & comment. We aren’t supposed to admit that are we, but that’s the truth. And so what happens is that once I share I then get a little caught up in seeing if there’s been any interaction & when there’s not I feel bad, a little invisible & like I don’t matter. Pathetic right? And I hate myself for WANTING the interaction. Why can’t I be happy to just keep my stuff myself? It’s a question I wrestle with all the time. So after last weeks post I spent a day feeling like that & wondering if despite the fact that I am told I a missed over on Instagram why there was no interaction here, except from Claire. Hi Claire! And my friend Lyd who messaged me a whole reply to pretty much everything I wrote- what a friend! So I sat with the ugly & uncomfortable feelings for a bit & this is what I came up with- I miss personal blogs SO much & despite hearing over & over again that blogging is dead I am coming back to writing in a space that is not instagram. I enjoy talking about things I’ve been consuming so I am going to write about them. I like talking to people so I will write in the hopes people will write back. But if they don’t I need to not take it so personally. If people don’t want to read over here that’s FINE! It really is. I don’t want to write & share on Instagram right now so we can all just be stubborn about where we share & consume stuff LOL!
So I’m back! And if I’m writing to an empty room I will learn to be ok with that. It will take some time & I will have to keep talking myself down off the ledge of people pleasing/wanting to be special/needing to be liked but I am ready to do that. Normally I’d apologise for the rambling intro but I have also decided to try & stop apologising for things that need no apology. Instead I’ll say, welcome back to the basics. I’m so pleased to be here with you.

COOK: Im planning on making another batch of this but I don’t use it as a sauce, I make it into a soup. Once it’s cooked & blended I just add some chicken stock to thin it out, a few handfuls of red lentils, simmer for about 45 mins. Then I add some soup pasta. It’s so hearty & delicious, perfect for these cold wintery days we are having also, it freezes really well too.

EAT: I have been hormonal which means I eat EVERYTHING! Avocado on toasts with lemon, salt, peps & chilli every single morning. Handfuls of Twix pods throughout the day. Lots of dal. Potatoes in some kind of crunchy form as much as possible. All the comfort food, all the time. I have learnt not to feel guilty about my food choices & this especially comes into play while I ma hormonal. If my body wants 5000 pods then that’s what i will give it.

 READ: I’ve had monkey brain for days & days which means I can’t concentrate on anything so I only started a new book yesterday (the book ninja, so far, so good). Instead I’ve been reading the latest copy of Frankie & Frankies special addition called Feel Good. Both make me laugh & think & just feel good.

 WATCH: After reading an article in Frankie titled “the Winona Ryder fan club” it reminded me how much I love WR, she’s the best isn’t she! So I then decided to watch a Winona movie every night. I started with How to Make an American Quilt (on Binge), which I’d never seen. It was ok. Next up was the movie that at age 13 made me love Christian Slater & want to be Winona- Heathers (on Netflix). It’s totally messed up but I still bloody love that movie. Then I watched Reality Bites (I hired it through Apple TV). This remains one of my all time favourite movies. It speaks to my ever-loving 90’s heart. I want to be Winona in that movie & when I finished watching I said to Tim “I want to cut my hair off”. I am easily led. Last night I watched Mermaids (on Stan. I signed up just so I could watch this movie!) which I have to say I didn’t love as much as when I was younger but enjoyed the re-watch. And can we take a moment to drool over Cher’s skin in that movie!!! Tonight I’m going in for Beetlejuice (not on a streaming service but I have it on DVD), a classic forever & ever. I wholeheartedly recommend deep diving into old, or new, movies of an actor you love, it’s really fun!

 LISTEN: The bonus episode on the podcast How to Fail Heeeeere’s Dolly with Dolly Alderton (I listen to podcasts through Spotify or Apple podcasts) Ever since I listened to Dolly’s first book back in 2018 I have been a HUGE fan of her so I will consume anything & everything she is part of.

 And because when I obsess over something I go all in I have also been listening to the Reality Bites soundtrack. It was one I listened to so much as a teen, I still have the CD. It’s still a really fun album. 

PONDER: After listening to Dolly speak on the above podcast what I took away is this- it’s ok to be extra. I am one of those people who always feel like I’m too much. I talk too much. I get quite obsessive about things & people I love. I am all or nothing. I almost always walk away from an interaction feeling like I should apologise just for being me. I am in my head a lot & I often wish I wasn’t. But it’s ok & instead of thinking people dislike these qualities about me maybe they are the things they like about me? All of this led me to wondering- can I stop apologising for who I am & just accept that I am a little extra? Can I truly believe that what others think of me is no business of mine? Can I flip my thinking to believe people like me for the things I think they possibly couldn’t? I want the answer to be YES.

BUY: I have dipped in & out of meditation over the last few years. I’ve cycled through all the free meditations on Headspace, Calm & Insight so this week when my brain was jumping around & every time my head hit the pillow thoughts would run rampant I finally decided to buy a subscription to Calm so I would have access to more of what I like. I had a 40% discount so it cost just over $40 for 12months & I have used it every single night so far. I am falling asleep easier & when I wake up during the night I go back to sleep much quicker. It’s worth it to me but if you don’t want to pay for a subscription I recommend Insight because it has the biggest range of free meditations to choose from.

DO: Make a mindmap of what you have in your kitchen. Stay with me friends, I know this is weird but I am in a stage of life where I HATE thinking about dinner &I hate cooking dinner. Normally I’d meal plan but last weekend I got a huge sheet of paper & wrote all the meat I had in the freezer with meals they could be made into. I then wrote lists of veggies, carbs, frozen food & non-meat proteins. what it’s meant is that any time someone asks whats for dinner I say “choose something from the lists!” or if dinner is up to me I just look at the map. I cross things off as we use them & I’ll update it any time I shop. I don’t know how long this will last but for now it’s helping.

And that’s it friends! Got any recs for me? Should I add more to the Basics? Let me know. Talk soon xx


31 thoughts on “The Basics #2

  1. lydsunshine says:

    Yes you’re back!!!! Bring it on (ok that’s a trash movie but I might watch it again too)
    So I text as last time it would let me post my comment, I’ll try again I hate to be beaten.

    Eat, you had me Jamie didn’t even care that the page took forever to load I thought yep I’m making that too with Ran variations. Yum! Today I had fresh crunchy hot chips with chicken salt, oh my how good they are when you don’t attach any guilt. So delicious, thanks for that. Loving myself alittle more even if I’m not the “perfect” size to be “allowed” to eat hot chips. I’m scrapping this mentality it’s shit, I tell others it is shit but I don’t always believe it. I’m believing it now.
    Read, just fecking do more of it. I read so much at work that it feels like work. I’m not stressing over this just yet, giving myself some breathing room.
    Watch, haha love this so much!! Oh god how freaking good is WR, goddess! I need to watch them all. PS now you have Stan watch Younger.
    I just finished Sex Life, trashy & good thanks for the rec!
    Listen & Ponder, off to Google who the heck Dolly Alderton is, I’m sure she’s awesome. I’m loving mixing up Spotify, I feel like it every genre but I’m ok with it. Skip is my BFF & I don’t care if I don’t like it straight up, skip. Kinda feel impatient but don’t care.
    Buy, hmmm Calm sounds good. I’m waking at 2am again i was going so good.
    Do, mind map, I like it I kinda did that & clean out my freezer/fridge. I’ve got hello fresh a fair bit lately, my family love it & so do I. I’m doing it guilt free which is super strange for me. I like that my family likes it, it makes me feel good about it. Stupid I know I should just like it but I can’t if they don’t.
    Well I’m off to football, that’s my Friday night & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m also having a hamburger (homemade) so today I’m smashing out the comfort food, haha! It rained so that’s ok. Miss you! Love you xx


    1. Ok, this was in the spam folder!!!
      I am so happy to hear that you are letting yourself eat guilt-free. Somewhere along the line we all got so mixed up with food & emotions, it just shouldn’t be this hard……
      I have heard of Younger but not sure if I am ready to dip into a whole series just yet. I will have a look though.
      I’ve thought of doing hello fresh or something similar before but with a family full of fussy eaters I am afraid it would all just go to waste. I say we all do whatever works & makes our lives easier!
      love you, miss you xx


  2. kattip says:

    I love blogs too, always my favourite way to learn, catch up and feel connected. I don’t comment much because 1) lazy
    2) don’t think I have anything interesting to say
    & 3) so many bloggers don’t respond so I wondered if they even read their comments.
    Thank you for reminding me that real people are on the other side of the blog and they probably like to feel noticed and heard as much as I do.
    Also I hate it when I do write a comment and then it disappears never to be read sigh
    I think your kitchen mindmap idea sounds great. I’ll be interested to hear if you find it a good way to organise dinner.
    And you’re not alone in the apologizing after a catch up just for being yourself. I’m right there with you.
    You know I think if returned to my old ways and read blogs on the computer rather than my phone is probably comment more, this typing on my phone shits me!
    Anyway enough waffle from me
    Cheers Kate


    1. Hey Kate!

      I stopped commenting on certain blogs because the blogger wasn’t interacting so it felt like what was the point. And sometimes I don’t because I don’t have anything to add too. I feel like all the chat happens on Instagram now because it’s instant & easy. But I’ll be here for now.
      So far the food map has been helpful. It’s great to be able to see at a glance everything I can make without having to go to the shops & I like that I can pass some of the decision making over to the family.
      And I agree, phone typing is bloody annoying!
      Talk soon xx


  3. Hi!

    OMG! My holey colander of a brain forgot to come back and leave a comment on your last, ace, post. Soz! I like the vibe of the basics.

    These posts are great and personal blogging is not dead and, I AM EXACTLY THE SAME about wanting interaction and connection when I blog. It’s part of why I haven’t done it again yet, even though I want to, I’m worried nobody will care!!

    So, yes, please do stop feeling like your completely human desires for connection and a response to your posts is weird/bad. It’s not!!

    That JO sauce looks like a bit of a winner. Back in lockdown here (fuckaduck) and it’s chilly so I might do some cooking this weekend.

    Yay for blogging. I’m going to crack open the lappy this weekend. You’ve inspired me to just do it.

    Nettie xx

    I can’t comment on the post itself, it’s a shitty WordPress thing. Feel free to copy it over if that would make you happy.

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. No need for apologies Annette but thanks for taking the time today!
      I’m like you & worry that nobody will care too. I feel needy but when did being needy become something to be ashamed of? I’m going to try & just write wit no expectations but just hope that it’ll connect.
      And yes! That JO sauce/soup is REALLY good so give it a whirl.
      And I’m sorry you’re back in lockdown. I hope it’s only 5 days & then life can resume.

      Take care xx


  4. Lorraine says:

    Hi there from lockdown Melbourne. I think I have read everything that you have written and maybe commented a couple of times. I don’t comment much as I have always thought you wouldn’t be interested in what I’ve got to say. Crazy isn’t it. We are all just walking around feeling vulnerable.
    I like the idea of a kitchen mindmap. I’m always shocked when I clean out my pantry only to find I have 5 bags of popping corn and 8 bags of choc chips dating back to 2018.

    I miss your product reviews- skin care, hair. Maybe you could add some of your favourite recommendations.
    I do have more to say but my iPad is running out of charge. Catch you next time


    1. Oh Lorraine, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in lockdown. I totally support the lockdowns we’ve had here in Perth but they aren’t easy & make any kind of planning almost impossible! I hope it’s over for you soon.
      And I think you’re right, we are all just feeling vulnerable & emotional. Thanks for reminding me it’s not just me!
      I am totally happy to share beauty recs so I’ll add that in ti future posts.
      I appreciate you stopping by, now & always xx


  5. Tara says:

    I also read your last post but have to admit that I’ve forgotten how to interact. Instagram is such a scrolly, consumy place and I’ve fallen out of the habit of commenting. It’s great that you’ve expressed how important it is to you, it helped me to get past my poor habits.

    I am also a huge Reality Bites fan. As a child of the nineties, it meant everything to me (along with Empire Records and SFW). Ethan Hunt was just my dream man, even though he’s objectively quite awful now that I look back on it. The soundtrack is also just the best. Tempted is one of my favourite songs to sing along to in the car!

    I’ve been reading some Taylor Jenkins Reid books lately. I really liked The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo but am not enjoying Malibu Rising so much. It’s a bit formulaic. I also read Love Objects by Emily Maguire from the library and it was gorgeous – hard and challenging, but beautiful.

    I hope you have a great weekend, and look forward to reading (and engaging with!) your future posts.


    1. Could not agree more about Instagram. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stepped back from sharing there because it felt too passive & time consuming. The blog feels a little more thoughtful & intentional. I’m glad that we can be here interacting together 🙂

      I won’t lie, I was a little drool-y over Ethan Hawk when I was watching the other night. I know now we shouldn’t like men like him but jeeeeez, it’s hard not to! And I have had Tempted in my head all week!!!!

      I LOVE TJR!!! I read Evelyn & Malibu a few weeks ago. I read Malibu & loved it sooooo much & then followed it up with Evelyn which I really liked but it felt a little repetitive in some parts. Have you read Daisy Jones & the Six? That’s my favourite TJR book, a too 10 book for sure. I have two of her earlier books on their way to me as we speak. I’ve seen Love Objects but haven’t picked it up yet. So many books, so little time!!
      Talk again soon xx


  6. Suse says:

    Oh it’s so nice to read this post and hear you again and so much resonates with me too. I’m so sorry I didn’t come back to post on your last post, Instagram has made me develop bad habits on that front.

    Im going to give your pantry idea a go in my house too and I’d love to hear what skincare gems you’ve discovered lately! I’m currently working my way through your Sukin recommendations!

    And Reality Bites..oh my goodness YES! Such a great movie. I saw Ethan Hawke in the flesh at a basketball match in New York 8years ago and much to my husband’s embarassment, I was totally star struck and literally clambered my late 30s arse over multiple seats just to get closer to him ! Totally worth it ! 🤣

    Take care and it’s so nice to hear from you again xo


    1. Oh gosh, don’t apologise. I think Instagram has made us all a little lazy & complacent. It’s so easy to scroll & double tap isn’t it? I’m happy you took the time to stop by 🙂
      I will start adding my skincare recs in future posts. I actually used a sukin sheet mask tonight while watching Beetlejuice! A super hydrating one cause god know winter is not playing nicely with my face!
      If I ever seen a famous person I’d be exactly same & probably go one step further & try to take their photo or talk to them 😆
      You take care also xx


    1. Oh man, it’s a WordPress thing, they don’t make it easy to reply!!! I always copy any reply before I hit send in case it disappears into the unknown. So annoying!!!


  7. Em says:

    Yay I was happy to read your blog posts! Speaking of Ethan Hawke I watched Juliet, Naked last night I enjoyed it. I do have Winona’s reality bites hairstyle albeit with some greys. I also did the Gwen Sliding Doors cut when that came out. I remember my hair being long and the hairdresser wouldn’t cut it off as she said I’d regret it, but I didn’t and it was freeing and I guess at 20ish years old I didn’t care what others thought as I do now weird huh. I’m rambling just wanted to pop in and say hi I always loved your recipes and tips and just general life stuff. Have a great weekend


    1. Hi Em!
      Argh, I would love her hair but I’m just not game! Like you, when I was younger I was always doing crazy things to my hair ( I even shaved it to a number 2 when I was 19!) without a second thought but somewhere I’ve lost my confidence & worry how I will look. So silly!
      I hope you’ve had a great weekend too xx


  8. Hello Reannon. Wow, it is nice to see you back here. Instagram is just too quick and easy, and ridiculously time consuming and addictive. Your words have reminded me why I blogged for so long, and connected with lovely people who feel like real friends. But now I feel like perhaps I have nothing to add to the massive online universe and I have lost my confidence.

    I love soup with pasta, yum! Avo on toast is the best isn’t it? Frankie is such a great read, thanks for the reminder, I haven’t bought it in ages. I used to get it from the library, in these COVID times simply getting into our library requires hard core dedication. The kitchen mindmap is interesting, dinner can be such a chore, even though I actually like cooking. Weird isn’t it?

    I have enjoyed commented properly on an actual blog. Its fun, you might have encouraged me to dig out my WordPress password. x


    1. Hi Jane, so nice to see YOU here!
      I like my life much better when I am not spending all my free time scrolling mindlessly so here is where you’ll find me for now. I understand the feeling of having nothing to add, it’s hard to feel heard out here but even if I’m just talking to a handful of people I think it’s worth it.
      Maybe a Frankie subscription is on the cards for you????
      And the mindmap has been really helpful. For now. I just get sick of the mental load of all the planning & shopping for meals sometimes.
      Thanks for taking the time to say hi xx


  9. Amanda B says:

    I love your blogs and your insta posts and stories. But I will settle for the blog – I just wont get to hear your voice……. 😦
    I am such a seasonal eater – in winter I want all the soups, stews, bakes, potato and just comfort food because I loathe the cold and just want it to end. It feels like its been colder than previous years.
    I made your cookies on the weekend – the create your own ones – we tend to stick to 100 and 1000s in them or choc chips because I tend to just do whatever I have and I always have them. But its still my fav and I still want to eat the dough. Yum.
    Due to covid restrictions here in NSW – not lockdown for regional but still restricted I have been hiding at home as much as I can and that’s when the baking begins!
    Anyway – love reading your stuff – always have and always will. Sometimes I have the time to reply – others I mentally reply then forget. Oops. X


    1. I sometimes wish I could pop a video up here too because I think I can speak my mind better than I can write it but then that would be a YouTube channel wouldn’t it 😆
      It has been colder & wetter over here too hence the overloading of comfort food. I feel like it’s a natural way to eat because come the warmer months we’ll eat all the salads & lighter foods.
      I was talking to Tim’s mum today & she said the town is quiet too because of restrictions. Such a weird time isn’t it- normal one minute & then not the next. We are lucky they things went back to normal really quickly after our last 5 days lockdown a few weeks ago. Even though all my work stops I never mind staying home for those days, it almost feels like forced rest, because soon enough we are back in the swing of things.
      I love that cookie dough so much! I’d eat it raw any day!
      And thank for taking the time today. I’ll always be happy when you’d too by xx


  10. Janet Wilkinson says:

    Hi Reannon..
    I popped on over to bloggy land just for you! It’s somewhere I seldom venture; but I’ve missed you.
    Good to read of your doings, and recommendations. Good things.

    Love Janet x


  11. Ali (@mrs.topsy) says:

    I made it! I’m finally here, reading words- paragraphs even – and it is delightful to “hear your voice” again.
    I wanted to thank you for reaching back when I was having some moments of wedding prep self-doubt the other week. Admittedly, it actually shocked me, and I was taken aback, and sort of froze 🤦‍♀️ I guess I too have forgotten how to interact properly, beyond a few double-taps and scrolly-mcscrolly.
    Did I tell you that your tomato and lentil soup is now in my weekly menu rotation? It’s SO GOOD! I guess you already knew that though. I didn’t think I’d be so easily convinced, but here I am.
    Otherwise, any reccos for a good night cream? I think it’s my next frontier…
    Good catch up x


    1. Ali! Hi!
      I can be a little too forward with people so I hope I didn’t make you feel weird & like I’d over stepped the mark. Either way, I’m glad you’re here 🙃
      So happy to hear that my soup is in your home so often. It gets a bloody good run here too.
      As for the night cream I’m trying a new one but I’m not totally loving the feel of it on my face. My suggestion is use your day cream & add a face oil for extra nourishment.
      Hope you come back soon xx


  12. I’ve arrived here via Jane’s blog The Shady Baker (incidentally, thanks for prompting her to start writing again). I abandoned my blog for exactly the same reasons as you – maybe it’s a thing for All or Nothing people – but I miss my space and the friendships that formed over the years. Lately, I’ve found it hard to find personal blogs to read but maybe you’re leading the revival!

    I may take up your idea for a mind map. It has to be better than my current “open the fridge door and grab whatever looks as though it may be inedible by tomorrow.” In our current heatwave, cooking dinner is such a chore.


    1. Thanks for popping over Anne! I too was so happy to see Jane’s post pop up in my feed today. And if I have anything at all to do with a small revival in personal blogs then I’ll be so pleased!
      And by your talk of heatwaves I’m guessing you aren’t in the Southern Hemisphere because it’s so cold here! The mindmap is still going well here so I hope you find it helpful too 🙂


  13. Robin Keahn Heim says:

    Funny thing…earlier today (before I read your blog) I was thinking along the same lines. There was a time when — if you wanted to be a writer — you forged to write a book. Perhaps it was the same “time” when we wrote letters to see how someone was getting on and let them know what we were up to as well. Then blogs came into being — and then everyone had one. Followed by social media platforms — and then everyone had one. Everyone became a writer. Everyone shared their thoughts (or lack thereof). Then — writing a book was no longer enough. To be a writer, you must also blog and do Facebook and do Instagram and do Twitter and do Tik Tok and do…whatever. I say, “BAH!” Perhaps the new cool trend in writing will be…to write a book or simply have a blog. Social media be damned.


    1. I feel like a lot of writing moved into a space of where it means to end. Instead of writing to express & share ideas or to connect with people, writing became the way to get endorsements, a book deal, become an influencers. And then you needed to have all the socials to push your writing & be in constant connection with your “audience”. And that’s fine if that’s what you’re chasing but for me it’s tiring. I just want to write my thoughts, share stuff I like & have some conversation all in one place at a slower pace 🙂


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