The Basics #5

Photo by Goutham Krishna on Unsplash

Hello friends. I’ve felt really rushed this week. Rushed is not my favourite feeling. I’ve had appointments, meetings & things are shuffling at work so there’s been more phone calls than usual. I have a list of errands that need to be done over the weekend including filling out school enrolments & passports forms ( am I dreaming?!) & I’m not enthusiastic. There was talk of us going away for a few days but with the news of a positive Covid case over here we quickly shelved those ideas because we live in a state where lockdowns happen quickly & I do not want to be caught out. So far there have been no other cases so let’s keep our fingers crossed it stays that way. How’s your week been? How’s your mental health? Do you feel rested or rushed? I’m going to tell you all the things so I’d love to hear all your things too.

COOK: look, I had great plans this week to make this soup & these muffins but it just didn’t happen. I cooked the roast I didn’t cook last Sunday, made some sauce to go with supermarket gnocchi & fried some waffle fries for the people to eat with some steaks because I really wanted waffle fries alongside my veggie patty. Not every week can include new recipes can it? Sometimes basic boring meals are enough.

EAT:I have been eating too much sugar. I deal with my feelings by feeding them sugar. It’s fine until it’s not. Right now it’s still fine. Just. I’ve also been eating a lot of cereal with milk because the kids are eating all the sourdough. Milk makes me feel queasy but sometimes weet-bix is as good as it gets. I think I see a theme to my week…..

READ: I finished a book I didn’t love & then stood in front of my fully stacked shelves trying to decide what to read next. I’ve decided I’m just reading from my shelves for now. There are a few new novels coming out that I really want to read but if I keep buying so many second hand books I really must stop visiting the library & read what I have right? Not that I need to add a single other book to my TBR list because I’m pretty sure I have 200 (not even joking) unread books on my shelves but….what are reading?

WATCH: surprisingly, a lot of the Olympics. Before they began Tim & I were “fuck the olympics, we do not care!” then Blake became interested & before you knew it we were watching it every night. The men’s pole vault has been my favourite so far. It’s funny how quickly you become invested in an event is t it? Have you been watching or do you give no fucks? I will probably not watch another sporting event all year after these ones but it’s fun for now.

LISTEN: three songs I’m loving right now are this new one from Wet Leg (what a name!), the new Kid Laroi & Bieber song, not usually my jam but this is bloody catchy & this one by Ashe. Music is so mood boosting don’t you think?

PONDER: why I always think there is a better version of me out there? Because I do honestly think that. I love a new routine. I love a bit of self improvement. I love saying “ right, starting tomorrow/next week I’m doing ……*insert something that makes me think I’ll be a better human here*” But I’m starting to wonder if I should just stop, accept that there won’t ever be a better version of myself & that’s ok, that’s enough… you think there’s a better version you out there too or are you very happy with the current version?

BUY: this is very predictable but I bought new books! Two new cookbooks because as the lady who owns near on 300 cookbooks surely I need more?Don’t answer that. Lucy’s book has me salivating & bookmarking so many recipes! The other cookbook I bought was this one. I honestly want to be a meal prep person again but maybe that’s for spring/summer Reannon…..And then after listening to this podcast I bought Dr B’s book to (maybe) improve my gut health. I never feel better than when I’m reading self improvement/health books but once I’ve finished reading them I promptly forget everything & just carry on my merry way. My friend Kate & I have spoken about this before so I’m wondering if you are also like us & feel very motivated while reading something but then forget it once the book is done? I also found two make-your-own adventure books for kids. Do you remember those from when your were younger? I loved them! And I found a 1985 copy of Puberty Blues for $1!!!!

BEAUTY: my quest for the most hydrated skin continues & I think I found a keeper. It’s the Swisse Polypeptide Renewing Sleep Mask. What’s a sleep mask I hear you ask? Essentially you slather on some cream & sleep in it! Why is it different to your moisturiser? Honestly? I don’t fucking know LOL! It doesn’t sink in to your skin as quickly but nor does it need to be washed off. It’s skin magic is what it is. I woke up with suuuuper soft, nicely hydrated & plump skin after using it. I was VERY impressed. If you want a nice little skin boost this is a good one. It’s also available at priceline.

BEST: Tim & I are fully vaxxed! Feels good to be in that club. And we both pulled up really well, better than after our first shot. It’s been really heartening talking to all the people I know who are getting their shots. In case you’re wondering, the majority of people I know who have had their shots had zero side effects, the most common being a sore arm, the worst being nauseous for 24hrs. Not so bad right?

WORST: sad kids. Sad kids equal a sad mama. Their pain is my pain. We cry the same tears. But maybe this worst won’t always be a worst. Maybe these sad times build resilience? Maybe it’s about learning to be ok with expressing emotions? Above all else sad times remind us that life is made up of good & bad, light & dark. Hard but necessary lesson don’t you think?

So that’s me. Not an eventful or even interesting week but let’s not get caught up in thinking we can only share the fun/important/big things. I’m all about the ordinary, mundane, average things. Till next time friends xx

12 thoughts on “The Basics #5

  1. Tara says:

    I love your weekly posts – it’s a great way to round off the week. I have found this to be a tough week. Work is really busy and people are stressed and tired. I’m worried my staff are getting burned out, so it’s on my mind a lot, always trying to think of what options I have to make things better for them. It’s been frustrating though because I’m coming up a bit empty. I’ll keep trying.

    Here’s my average and mundane things for this week.

    Cooking and eating: noodles! We *love* noodles. Tonight I made the Singapore noodles from the RecipeTin blog. So good and easy. Her recipes always work! There may have been some gelato consumed as well – it’s been a hard week!

    Reading: I finished The Paper Palace and it was good and definitely kept me entertained until the end. I wasn’t totally satisfied by the ending but it was still worth reading overall. I’m now reading Crying in H Mart which has started strong, I’m really enjoying it.

    Watching: omg, *so much* Olympics. I am a major sports fan, so it’s not a surprise, but I’ve watched more than ever given it’s in our time zone. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone – these amazing people doing amazing things are so inspirational!

    Listening: still the podcast 60 Songs the Explain the Nineties. I’m addicted! My favourite episode so far was on Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog. My nostalgia meter went off the chart!

    I hope you have a great weekend, and week to come.


    1. I’m so sorry it’s been a tough week for you. I can imagine it’s all just a bit relentless & having the added stress of knowing you have staff who are burnt out must so hard. Hang in there. I’m sure they can see you are doing the very best you can.
      I love noodles too & after reading your comment thought “I really should try to add more dishes to our menu!” I think I am honestly the only person who doesn’t love Recipe Tin recipes. The handful I’ve tried have been really underwhelming. I’m sure it’s me because I get recommended her recipes a lot.

      I think I have Crying in H town on my goodreads TBR list & I’ve added your other book to the list too.
      Temple of the dog is such a flashback!!! I have that podcast on my lineup to listen to as well.
      I hope things get better for you soon & they next week is easier in some way x


  2. Lorraine says:

    Another crazy lockdown week ahead. I could give you a list of all the shit feelings but I am sick of talking about lockdowns and COVID. So onto happy things.

    My dishwasher broke down 2 weeks ago in lockdown number 5 and we managed to get it fixed on Thursday just before we went back into lockdown no 6. For someone who hates washing dishes by hand but doesn’t like other people to wash the dishes( no one else does it to my standard, I know crazy) it made me very happy.

    Big W had an online book sale with new releases for $8. I accidentally bought 10. I came home from work on Thursday night with a big bag of new books on my doorstep. Just what I needed. I am reading The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth. I have read a few of her books and they always manage to keep my interest. A bit like Liane Moriarty

    I have been baking cake, my latest is an apple and date cake. It has been going down a treat with lashings of cream. There is something about fresh cake and cream that is good for the soul.

    My COVID puppy has really been a bonus in there shitty lockdowns. Purchased at the beginning of the year for a ridiculous amount of money. He is a giant groodle and it is like having a hairy pony running around the house. He has given such joy to the household as well as a great motivator for walking when you really can’t be bothered.

    These days are pretty boring albeit unpredictable. But we are all ok and the people that I love are ok. There are so many people who are really suffering at the moment, I guess it’s good to celebrate the small stuff.

    How good are vaccinations. I have my second in a couple of weeks and can not wait. I have never been so excited for an injection.

    I love the little glimpses into your life, they do brighten my Friday nights

    Have a good week


    1. I’m not even in a state with lockdowns & I am all Covid-ed out! I can’t imagine how tired you all must feel over there.
      I’m with you, I NEED a dishwasher! Great fink f that you got you fixed before lockdown, I’d be happy too!
      How did I miss the big w book sale!!!!? I’m gutted! I too love sally Hepworth books, I’ve read most of her ones I think, & honestly think she’s better than Liane Moriarty. LM has a new book coming out soon that I’ll be sure to read because they are good stories.
      Love the sound of an apple & date cake with cream! I haven’t baked a cake for the longest time.
      Puppies are pure happiness aren’t they? I’m a sucker for a puppy. Or kitten. And babies. Small things are delightful!
      I was the same as you, so excited for my vax & I bloody hate getting needles but it felt like a real step forward. Gosh I hope they become more available soon & they more people jump on board. I’d love to know a life without lockdowns are not far away.
      Thanks for always stopping by. I love the ritual of the Friday night post too xx


  3. Elise says:

    I really look forward to your weekly posts 😊 we’re into lockdown no 6 and next week I’ll be juggling two jobs with trying to get home schooling work done which I’m not looking forward to. On happier notes, we’re loving the Olympics in our household too, it has been a good distraction from everyday life. I bought a new book from the Big W sale, I don’t tend to buy many books, I usually just use the library. I also have a pile of about 10 tbr books in the pile beside my bed.

    I hope you get away for that little break. Have a great week ahead.


    1. Thanks Elise, I really look forward to writing these posts & chatting with all that stop by.
      I’m so sorry to hear you are back in lockdown with so much to juggle. I hope it’s a short one for you all, my fingers & toes are crossed!
      What book did you buy? And what’s in your TBR pile? I honestly can’t believe I didn’t know there was a big w book sale on!
      It feels a bit mean complaining of not being able to go away when the east coast can’t leave their homes so we’ll be fine. Luckily I love being home so much.
      Take care & I hope your week has more easy moments than hard ones xx


  4. kattip says:

    Hey Reannon, I’m really enjoying your weekly round up posts.
    I’m tired, tired of the bad news, the heart ache, the constant borderline anxious feelings and I’m not even in a state with Covid. We just had the weekend away catching up with 3 of the kiddos. My baby will be 21 in a couple of weeks so we went to spoil her and visit the others at the same time.
    I’ve just finished reading Chatter by Ethan Kross. I enjoyed it more than I expected to and actually found a few helpful tips, although how long I will retain them for is another thing altogether LOL.
    I have no cooking mojo so we have been eating very basic meals and soup, all the soup.
    I’m one of the very rare people who doesn’t find music uplifting. When I’m home alone I love the sound of silence and when I’m walking or creating I like to listen to podcasts, although I am trying to walk with listening to anything. Easier said than done, but I feel as though I’m consuming too much and just inputting stuff all the time and my brain is ready to have a meltdown, too many tabs open.
    I get my second vax at the end of the month and I can’t wait, I figure I’ve put enough untested crap into my body over the years that I’ve got nothing to worry about with vaccines.
    It’s such a hard thing to not be a sad mumma when the kiddos are sad. I found it a very hard lesson to learn that it’s actually okay for me to be happy even when they aren’t and that it in no way diminishes my love or empathy for them. I’m still learning it if I’m honest.
    I hope there is a better version of me out there, but I’m pretty sure she won’t be appearing any time soon, apathy is my superpower.
    anyhoo have a good one
    cheers Kate
    PS How’s your new niece and your sister going?


    1. Oh Kate, I’m with you in being tired of the hyper emotional world we live in. Nothing feels calm or settled does it?
      Your weekend with the kids sounds wonderful! I know how much that would mean to you.
      I will have to look up chatter because I don’t think I’ve heard of it.
      I think I’ve reached my soup limit. Or maybe I just need some new soups….
      I try walking in silence but then my head talks too much so I need music or pods to listen to so I shut up. But at times I feel like you where I am consuming too much & taking on too many ideas/opinions/stories so maybe I should try harder for silent times too.
      I wish more people would think like you & just get their vax. We have the lowest rate of vaccinated people over here & it makes me wonder if our success at keeping Covid out is to blame.
      Sister & baby are doing great! She’s a gorgeous little girl & im so proud of my sister for the way she’s taken to motherhood. I miss her deeply.
      Talk soon x



    Hi Reannon, Just wanted to say I’m glad your writing again, I used to check instagram & your blog regularly to see if you were posting again & was thrilled to find today your writing on the blog. I always enjoyed your posts, they were funny, interesting, great food & book ideas & you were so ‘normal’ for want of a better word! I hope you keep posting ! Charlotte


    1. Charlotte, being called “normal” is my favourite thing to be called (beside funny!) so thank you so much! And I’m glad you’ve found your way over to the blog because I think this is where I’ll be sharing for now. Hope you like what you read 🙂


  6. Hello Reannon. It is nice to see you again. Tell me all about waffle fries? Have I been under a rock all of my life? My boy is eating all the sourdough too! He loves it which makes me happy but is disappears quickly. Basic meals are enough sometimes, I agree. We cant create new things every night, its just impossible! I hope your kids are ok, its so tricky.

    Going away for a few days is just a dream isn’t it? The COVID is getting closer to us all of the time and the whole things just feels frightening. I wonder if we will ever get out of our home patch again? Take care x


    1. Hey Jane! I buy waffle fries frozen from Costco or aldi & because they are like little waffles they go SUPER crunchy! They are really good.
      I love that my littlest kids call sourdough “special bread” so each morning they’ll say “I’ll have special bread toast please” makes me happy too.
      I said to a friend today that I feel like I’m living in a different country these days. Nothing feels solid or reliable these days. Not a great feeling is it? I hope you stay Covid free.

      Take care Jane xx


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